Atelier Thérapie

Atelier Thérapie


L’Atelier Therapie is a space for collective healing where creation aligns with therapy, culture, justice, and social inclusion,this program will  specifically targeting women.

It will serve as a social exchange hub and a free cultural space where women can express themselves through unique artistic creations, fostering this much-needed collective solidarity.

According to a report by Neges Mawon, published on the website in November 2023, the widespread insecurity, armed gang activities, and massive population displacement due to armed attacks have compounded the sociopolitical crisis, resulting in significant consequences for the living conditions of women, girls, sexual minorities, and incarcerated women and girls.

This initiative represents a powerful fusion of creativity, therapy, and social justice, providing a safe haven for expression and healing


L’Atelier Thérapie is a small group consisting of a minimum 5 people per session . Kafedore adheres to certain principles, such as using noble materials like leather, copper, bronze, recycled wood, and more. Each session is expected to last approximately 4 hours per day.

There will be a variety of activites (including painting, jewelry making, group therapy) allowing participants to reconnect with their inner self during this creative process. These group will accommodate a maximum of 6 to 8 individuals, fostering openness, cohesion, and respectful sharing of sensitivities. 

It’s important to note that art therapy doesn’t require artistic talent; rather, it aims to liberate the mind and facilitate access to emotions and feelings in a more fluid manner


Objective of the workshop


Taking part of a slow process, which is part of an artistic creation approach without having a specific expertise,  we want to facilitate self-expression and healing. Participants will engage in creative activities without the pressure of specialized skills, we’re going to allow them to explore their emotions and experiences through art. This gentle therapeutic process encourages movement, self-awareness, and transformation, even for those who may feel stuck or immobilized initially.


It is going to be time to developpe creativity, and exploring a multitude of artistic expressions such as dance, theater, painting, accessory creation, and group therapy that is an  essential activity to heal collectively. These activities allow individuals to tap into their creative potential and express themselves freely.


Because of this collective solidarity, we will discuss  collective trauma  as well because it is essential to seek both individual and collective therapy for the well-being of the community and also for future generations.

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The workshop will take place at Kafedore

To maintain a positive energy, foster creativity, and immerse oneself in a vibrant, open, courteous, and dynamic creative space, the program will take place KAFEDORE

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All paid workshops will take place on sundays to avoid traffics & difficulties due to work hours.

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